Since entering Urban and Environmental Planning, Tarron has found a passionate appreciation of our natural environment. Through actively engaging in courses related to conservation, environmental science, policy-making and practical applications of urban planning combined with efforts of volunteering with vegetation renewable projects, coastal clean-ups, and community surfing events. Tarron is focused on developing a career in bringing more green and a fresh take to our ever-changing cities. 

Throughout his time studying, Tarron has developed one of his hobbies into a passion that allows him to visit unique parts of the world, photographing nature in its purest form. Please take the time to view past academic works and personal projects.



Throughout my studies and time spent with placement and volunteer work, my belief of town planning is centred around holistic incrementalism, focusing on social, environmental and physical welfare of all communities and natural environments. During my early position with Findasite Town planners, I experienced a variety of tasks related town planning and office administration, the 12 weeks enabled me to have a solid footing for when I applied for other placements and positions. Following my time after Findasite, I found myself participating in many different volunteer sessions, some course-related, others were personal interest. Helping with beach clean-ups, dune care programs, vegetation establishment and management events and community surfing events allowed me to become involved in a weekly program and feel I was helping our community. Through the beach clean up and dune care programs, I learned about the effects microplastic has on our dune systems. Tree planting events taught, that its possible to establish different species in different environments where they can have a beneficial effect on surrounding environments. Community surfing, through Surfrider foundation, taught me about community-centred activism which had a positive outcome against the Equinox off-shore oil drilling in South Australia. 

Recently, my placement with the Gold Coast City Council in the Planning and Enquiries Centre taught me about the benefit of having friends throughout the planning industry, nervous at first, I found that quickly subsided knowing I was working with 3 recent graduates who I have done multiple group assignments with. The tasks I was managing enabled me to roam around the office and consult with experts in their own fields, learning new parts of the city plan and being able to apply that with my own task. Towards the end of the placement, I was able to participate in important meetings which highlight how Council operate. Placement with the City of Gold Coast has provided me with valuable skills and an eager motivation in pursuing a career. Additionally, knowing that I have friends and acquaintances that I can work with and towards gives me confidence in approaching the planning field.

Career planning, compared from an academic perspective highlights the range of difference in application - from the bureaucracies, constraints, budgets and timelines, these factors leave for an alternative impression which puts a student in a position of observation (Friedmann 2008; Mateo-Babiano 2017). Personally, I believe that this creates issues around the ethical and holistic scope of planning, questioning the integrity of how governments operate and whether there’s any real ethical leadership at all (Cook and Sarkissian 2000). When studying Australias recognised institution, PIA holds integrity by promoting planners follow guidelines associated with building community, improving infrastructure, built urban form, and forward-thinking through seeking adaptive and mitigative responses (PIA n.a). Literature outlining the dynamics of local and state government-related planning and the issues of seasonal change in political preference outlines that even though considerations are made for entire communities, sudden changes to political preference can leave various constituents overlooked (Lauria and Long 2017). Furthering this, I have found that community consultation is nowhere near adequate enough to determine a holistic vision when compared to the newly established state-funded masterplan for a green space precinct on the northern end of the gold coast. 




As an ambitious and passionate person, I aim to explore new innovations occurring within the industry both internationally and domestically. As a core value of my beliefs stems from understanding and integrating natural processes and green spaces into the built environment, I aspire to pursue a career as a Ranger in Environmental Services. This career prospect appeals to the (specific ) elements I enjoyed within my degree. 

I have had an amazing opportunity to work alongside private planning firms and undergo a placement within the Gold Coast City Council Planning Enquiries. From this, my knowledge of the current city plan and planning practices has grown immensely in correlation with my network. For the rest of 2020, I aspire to continue building my experience in City Council whilst I work hard on further assessment items. My goal for the rest of the year is to graduate with a planning position secured in a city council to regional environmental services.  I believe it’s important to diversify to truly understand the potential opportunities my degree has to offer. 

As I bolster my professional resume and experience within my field, I look forward to exploring international planning opportunities in New Zealand. Throughout my travels, I have observed a plethora of planning practices around the world and am particularly excited to pursue a career internationally in New Zealand. As I highly value current planning reforms, legislation, and practices occurring in New Zealand, this location also appeals to my business investment in Destination and Wedding Photography. 

I aspire to spend a few years developing my natural environment career, I ultimate plan to target my end career goal. By focusing on green cities, natural processes, and beneficial integration methods I aim to create naturally sustaining spaces that positively impact the psychological health and resource consumption of engaged neighbourhoods. 




Throughout my studies at Griffith University, I have found myself apart of the student organisation, helping with various events and keeping long term industry connections. The yearly rotation of new students willing to participate with PEGS has facilitated in bringing together a greater sense of community within Griffith University.



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